After the European Championship.

As all of us have traveled from across Europe to the party town of Benidorm many of their eyes have not married.
Evening in the streets was eating, drinking, celebrating and marvelous announcement. We saw many English tourists, as if you were at the Rio carnival, or at carnival in Cologne.
Omitted groups in colorful costumes were always an eye catcher, and gave reason to wonder and laugh.
The EM / WM 2011 was launched with a parade of all nations, a brass band and a group of proud Spanish rider in the Benidorm Hall, a vaudeville theater.
A special situation arose this year that we were involved in addition to the usual 22 European nations this year, many countries from Asia (China, Mongolia, Japan, Thailand, India, etc.) and America in the invasion.
After moving in and the traditional transfer of all flags on the EDU was held by a spectacular show, the speech of IDF President Dr. Alexander von Egen, the speech of President EDU Karl Plank and the oath of the referees, a successful opening ceremony.
Now, could start the games and it was done all week high competitions.
All results and prize list please see the appropriate information.
Our host then invited Spain on Wednesday after the prize distribution of the IDF competitions for players party. There was free beer and a 4 meter wide pan for more than 1,000 people, a traditional paella cooked live and then distributed to all property. A wonderful idea, which was accepted by the darts like learning. Thank you to the organization in Spain, Robert Nisbet, Rafael Garcia and your staff.
On Saturday it was ready and the EM 2011 has been completed by the closing ceremony with all the winners. More than 900 dart players have measured at this event in 40 different competitions. After the awards and the national anthems, the official handover of the flag of Spain at EDU, the EDU, and was forwarded to the Turkish Association. The European Championships 2012 from 26 May – 3 June 2012 held in Antalya, Turkey.
It was a great week, a beautiful experience with many new and old friends, and hopefully we’ll see the ranking in Linz, Austria, from 09-10. September.
According to the EC before the European Championship