IDF President A. von Egen met ARISF President R.Chiulli in Rome

ARISF11chiuli vonegen    The President of the International Darts Federation, Alexander von Egen has met the President Raffaele Chiulli the ARISF (Association of IOC Recognized International Sports federations), based in Lausanne in Coni palace in Rome. The IOC based at Arisf represents world 35 international sports federations world and promotes the Olympic sporting Spirit. Von Egen strives for a long time to obtain recognition of the dart sport internationally as a separate sport. With this important debate the darts world has come a step further, because President Chiulli gave his support. Together with the WDF, the Steeldart Federation now wants to increase our use of Egen for the recognition of steel and soft electronic darts as a sport. The IDF is now organized in four continents and active. Mid-August in Shanghai for the fourth time, and the international World Cup held next year in Croatia, the World Cup. Moreover, new scientific studies show that regular exercise of darts can stop Alzheimer’s disease . In this respect too, the IDF has already become active.