Another step to recognition of Darts as an OLYMPIC sport


Justine Humair, Alexander von Egen und Christian Wassmer

Lausanne / Bozen. The President of the IDF (International Darts Federation) Alexander von Egen, was in Lausanne at the headquarters of the IOC (International Olympic Committee), together with the IOC heads of the foreign relations Christian Wassmer and Justine Humair. It was about the possible recognition of the rapidly increasing worldwide popularity of Darts sport. The high representatives of the IOC were pleased with the recognition of interest IDF President and paid tribute to the darts athletes recognition. Observers of the IOC will appear in one of the next big darts world Championships as an observer after which they will submit proposals for a possible recognition procedures. The road to recognition as an Olympic sport is possible over the next few years,according to Eggen. So the Olympics is in Tokyo 2020 is a goal, but could realistically be the Summer Olympics in 2024. In addition, Egen still met the Director General Vlad Marinescu of SportAccord, the umbrella organization of world sports federations. He was invited Egen to participate in international sports conference in April after Sochi, where the heads of the world sports associations participate. That is another important step in the world sports community.