IDF president Alexander von Egen with IOC president Thomas Bach and EDU honorary president in Vienna


IDF (International Darts Federation) President Alexander von Egen meet for the first time with the IOC (International Olympic Committee) President Thomas Bach in Vienna. The Darts World President of Egen reported on the rising global popularity of darts Sports and desire to be recognized worldwide as a sport with the aim of finally become an Olympic discipline. The friendly conversation ended with an invitation and the interests of the IOC President in an official letter to represent global sporting activities and desires, and then to come to headquarters to Lausanne on an official visit and talk with the person in charge. In another interview with the respected sports medicine Univ , Prof. Herbert Löllgen from Cologne dealt with the increasing disorder on the Alsheimer disease. The exercise of darts Sports could delay the onset of Alsheimer Disease and influence the further course positive and somewhat stopping, physicians are inquiring on the trail. The President of the IOC came to Vienna to meeting that took place in the festival hall of the National Library, and to take from the hands of Prof. Felix Unger the award by the European Academy of Sciences and Arts Tolerance Award. The International Olympic Committee thanks and appreciation for the successful use for the sport, the organization of the Olympic Games and the global use of tolerance since the founding in 1894 has been expressed. Alexander of Egen was invited as guest of honor and was accompanied by the pioneer and Darts EDU (Europ. Darts Union) Honorary President Karl Plank during official ceremony.

(see article from the newspaper "Dolomiten")