In the history books are written with the electronic dart its global expansion with the world championship, has reached last June in Croatia. For the first time gathered dart players from Europe, China and the U.S. to a championship organized by the International Dart Federation (IDF). In the story is just as that for the first time at a championship in parallel to the small and the large disc was played.

Three months have passed since the historic first World Cup was organized by the International Dart Federation (IDF). Such a period was necessary in order to be able to see some positive effects of the World Championship in Zadar. Some, as the ‘seeds’, which was sown in Zadar, will bear fruit in the coming years. Lasted eight days, the tale darts in the sports hall Kresimira Ćosića. For the first time were nearly 3,000 dart players in a competition organized by the IDF, in one place. The dart players came from Europe, China and the United States. The first step was taken, who is known to be the hardest. Now everything will be easier to Zadar. On this occasion, strong bonds between the continental associations were established. And the myth that the small and the large disc, two different sports have been thrown overboard here. Fortunately, the different rules to know and first steps were taken to unify them. To a small problem turned out that the World and European Championship has been played together. In the future the European Championship will take place every year, and the World Cup every two years. It was also decided that if the World Cup held in Europe, the two championships are organized together. So this was the case in Zadar, so in a week had a large number of disciplines will be merged. The biggest problem for the players, the different rules according to which in most European countries and which are played in America. Enough ‘Europeans’ were the first time before the big wheel of 15.5 inches, which was new for Americans, the small disc of 13.5 inches. – We take special satisfaction with the first world championship. Despite some difficulties, one can say that everything was organized at a high level. But personally I am of the opinion that Zadar was the ideal location for this event. The number of almost 3,000 players who have lined up in this eighth day of the World and European Championship, is surely a sign that the sport of darts has a future – Alexander said of Egen, president of the IDF, which the entire eight days Karl Plank, the President of the European Dart Union (EDU), stayed in Zadar. A great honor for the Croatian Darts Association (HPS) is of great importance for the coming of the representatives of the National Darts Association (NDA), was one of the largest American federations darts, and the Chinese Darts Association (CDA), as the IDF in you, for the globalization of electronic darts, a strategically important partner sees. – In Zadar, the foundations were built on which the future of the IDF s is built. All our previous efforts to establish, with the aim of a global federation, has borne its first fruit in Zadar. I see this as a healthy start, will in the coming years show the true size – says Robert Nisbert, President of IDF. The great honor of hosting the first World Darts Championship was the Croatian Association (HPS) given at the head of the President Mate Vukoja. This was not a random choice by the IDF, the Croatian Darts Association has been proven many times before that he is capable of so much competition to organization. This refers first of all to the brilliant organization of the European 2,001th in Poreč and in 2006. in Umag. On this basis, the Croatian Darts Association has developed the trust of the leaders of the IDF. – I can not describe how much effort in organizing this event have been included, but this does not feel sorry for us, today we can say that we have done a good job. Our main goal we have set as our host, is to create a pleasant atmosphere, in which participants feel comfortable. I believe that we have achieved this goal. I’m sure that for many players who came from a number of European countries, America and China, this is not her last stay in Zadar, Croatia, says this gives us the most – concluded Mate Vukoja, President of the Croatian Darts Association (HPS). Of great importance is that the Croatian Association of darts could gain by organizing the world championship positive elements in the Croatian Olympic Committee (HOO), which is the leading sports organization in Croatia. The Darts World Cup was registered in the official calendar of the HOO as a major international competition, which 2009th were organized in Croatia. Zlatko Matesa, the president of the HOO-s, as well as Josip Cop, the Secretary-General, have sent to the End of the World Championship Darts to the Croatian Association of a greeting card. Allows you to congratulate you for organizing the league and great success, which have reached the Croatia game with players. The Americans and the Chinese are excited about the future, if the IDF s talk is to visit some of Leslie Murphy of great importance, the Executive Director of the NDA, one of the larger Darts Association in the USA. – I am thrilled that I have seen of that. Zadar is one of the most beautiful cities that I visited, and this competition has exceeded all my expectations. It’s unbelievable how much your run of the kidney are far turn. In America, the tournaments are still held on paper, since we do not have any software for it. I was shocked when I saw the terminals for the application, the large monitors and the remaining equipment. I must admit that I’m jealous of you – Mrs. Murphy stated. had similar impressions of Zadar and Xing Xiaoquan, secretary general of the Chinese Darts Association (CDA), which big plans for the development of the sport with the arrows, has in the country with the largest population, which counts more than 1.3 billion inhabitants. Enthusiastic about the quality of the game, which he saw in Zadar, he expressed the desire to have a group of his young talented players come to develop faster and further increase. The first step is made, the Chinese and Americans the best confirmation that the World Championship in Zadar was a project that will only bear fruit in the future. The U.S. NDA has announced a profit for its competitions trips to competitions in Europe, which is a start for cooperation with the EDU. Likewise, the Chinese Darts Association as a thank you, that they were invited in Zadar, the IDF for competition in Shanghai on 16 and 17 June invited. In addition, the Chinese have expressed the wish that the IDF organized in Shanghai or Beijing, the World Cup, which is organized every year. In the situation where the IDF as a small child dares his first steps, the Championship in Zadar invaluable for his future. Thus, one can conclude by saying that had difficulties with all of the Croatian Association of Darts as a host, that he has done a good job. In particular, the mission of global expansion of electronic darts. As well as the time passes, this will all become clearer.