The IDF has the following Rules and Regulations:

• Competition Rules:
These comprise the General Rules and Regulations for Darts Sports. There are general rules of play which apply to all three disciplines of darts sports, and specific rules which apply only to one or two of the three disciplines. The regulations refer to particular aspects of the organization of the sporting activities, such as leagues, competitions and tournaments.

• Anti-Doping Code

• Disciplinary Council Code

The Competition Rules, the Anti-Doping Code and the Disciplinary Council Code, as amended from time to time, are integral parts of the Constitution.

The Rules and Disciplinary Council must co-ordinate with the Tournament Director to institute ranking systems which can be used universally to categorise players. It is envisaged that these ranking systems will involve recording “Points Per Dart” or “PPD” and “Marks Per Round or “MPR” for 01 and “Cricket” based games respectively, over periods of time, in order to be able to classify players accurately.

Players who participate in any tournament organized by the IDF must abide by the rules and regulations of the IDF.