IDF and WDF meeting in BERLIN

On July 28, 2014 the IDF president Alexander von Egen met the WDF board member from Berlin (see photo below) Mrs. Sabine Shanahan in hotel Adlon- Berlin, by reason of a very good consultation. Within the scope of this consultation von Egen has reported about his meeting in Rome with the ARISF president Chiulli and has opined that – in the sense of the worldwide organized Dart-sport – that it is important to be admitted by the ARISF as a sport category, and at a later time also as an Olympic sport. It is important that both the WDF, which primarily represents steel tip Darts, and the IDF, which primarily represents soft tip Darts, in the future find a way to work together. Mrs. Shanahan has said that she will inform the WDF president Bill Hatter in Canada about the good consultation. The yearly general assembly of the WDF will take place in Bucharest, Romania, at the end of September. Alexander von Egen wants to meet the WDF president there by reason of the Dart-sport and of its worldwide future discussions.alexander wdf